Our Story

While Steve was in Peru as a young man, an older gentleman approached him and asked to trade his wool tie for Steve’s American tie.  Steve thought his new wool tie was awesome and asked where the older gentleman had bought it.  Steve came to learn that they were handmade with the wool from Alpacas and Llamas right there in Peru, but no one seemed to know very much about them. He bought a few and loved wearing them upon his return to the United States. Everywhere he went wearing the unique ties, people would ask him where he bought them…and if they could get one!  Many years later, Steve traveled back to Peru and searched for the beautiful, high quality, and unique wool ties he had fallen in love with many years ago.  While there, he met an amazing multigenerational family of craftsmen who created each tie by hand.  Once they met, it was the start of something amazing and INCA TIES was born.

All of our ties are handcrafted by this local Peruvian family, using locally sourced Alpaca and Llama wool.  Once the wool is shorn, it is spun and then woven by hand using looms used by our production family for generations.  Each sheet of handwoven fabric is then hand embroidered and sewn into beautiful and unique wool ties.  Finally, they receive our “INCA TIES” seal of approval here in the US and we ship them right to your door.